Icelandic Sheep

We began our flock of Icelandic sheep in 2015 with the acquisition of three pregnant Ewes;
Cassandra, Cecelia & Calista. We have since bred a small pedigree flock with the help of Ragnar and Berent the rams.

Traditionally sheep are named so that all lambs born the same year have names beginning with the same letter of the alphabet.


We have adapted this for fun and each year our lambs are named with a theme...

2020 Spices

2019 Meadow plants (Nettle, Bramble, Daisy, Betony, Violet...)

2018 Cheese (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Brie, Truckle, Gorgonzola..)

2017 Fire (Ember, Smoke, Flame, Phoenix, Cinder, Ash...)

2016 Chocolate (Flake, Galaxy, Wispa, Rolo, Bounty, Snickers...)

We keep our flock of pedigree Icelandic sheep for breeding, fibre and meat. We try to give our animals the best possible life and death. We feel this is reflected in the quality of the meat which is lean and tasty. 

Please email to be contacted when we have lamb, mutton or hogget available.