Chinley Camping

A family run campsite on a smallholding in the Peak District.


We are staying open over autumn/winter for our hardier campers!

We have made some changes to our guidance to reflect the quieter season.

If you're coming to stay please have a read through the information below. We want to try and keep everyone as safe and happy as possible.

Toilets and showers

The external doors to each toilet/shower will be closed. This will help to keep the toilets and showers warm but reduce ventilation. We have fewer campers staying over the colder months so the toilet area should be less crowded. The lights are automatic so will come on when you walk in. 

On entering it would be great if you could wash your hands just to try and keep everything as clean as possible. In the toilets there is space for 3 people but only one in each space (toilet, shower, communal and sink). Once you finish please wash your hands again before leaving. We will do our best to keep the toilets as clean as possible but we recommend you consider these shared surfaces to be a risk.

You are welcome to bring your own towel up and we have added extra hooks. We provide hand towels which we change regularly but it will be lower risk to use your own.

There is also a washing up sink outside which you can use to wash your hands but be careful as the water is often hotter than in the handwashing sinks.

The water taps on the camping field can be washed along with your hands so when you turn them off your hands are still clean.

Other than that you will be in your own space so you can go about things as you see fit. We appreciate you will all have different opinions, risks and concerns about covid 19 but we do ask that whatever your opinion you respect other that may be doing thing differently from you. 

Getting hold of us:

We are happy with a distance conversation but you are also welcome to phone with questions even if you are already here. We do take card payments. but we are also happy with cash. If you come to the front door for anything please knock and stand back from the door so that once open we are still well distanced. 

This might sound like alot but we don't think it will have a negitve impact on your stay with us and it has a big effect on preventing the spread of covid-19 that is essential for us to stay open.


Katie and Henry Rockliff

We moved to Chinley in 2013 and began establishing our smallholding.


We opened our campsite for summer 2019 and look forward to many more years of happy campers at Chinley Camping.

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